Saturday 9th July 2016


Fine and sunny with some high cloud. Light breeze.  Tongariro highly fishable.  The smaller rivers are clear and fishable according to the Boss too. 

A few anglers have come out of the woodwork now that the School Holidays have started. More have turned up to fish the Tongariro. 

Young Wirimu was out the other day fishing in the Tongariro and caught some good looking solid jacks.

Had some good reports over the last week from the trollers out on Lake Taupo too. Seems to be tobys working for them.  Try black and gold toby, black and silver flash toby, black and yellow flash toby and traffic light. Reports of some good fish caught. 

Peter Carty headed out for a fish yesterday to demonstrate some techniques with an angler. They headed up to the Hinemaiaia for a look and Peter reported about 30 cars in the various carparks. The fish below was landed. 

fly fishing peter carty himemaiaia 08072016.jpg

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