Monday 9th July 2018


Overcast, warm and humid. No wind as of 9:00am. The river came up and flooded overnight.  It got up to about 273 cumecs and as of 9:00am is flowing at about 180 cumecs. I would call unfishable. It may drop further during the day and become fishable this afternoon. 

This rain will move quite a few fish into the rivers.  Once they settle down in volume a bit they would be well worth fishing. As the Tongariro clears we should start to see some really nice fresh rainbows being caught and while there is a bit of colour, there should be the odd brown caught in the brown water. 

The following email and photos are thanks to James Street who fished here over the weekend. James writes:

Good to catch up today (weekend). Managed a few fish. Small naturals were the go. Some good fresh fish amongst them. 

things to do in turangi 2 james street july 2018.jpg

(Above) James with a coloured up Tongariro River rainbow jack fish.

(Below) A silver Tongariro River rainbow hen.

things to do in turangi 1 james street july 2018.jpg


things to do in turangi 3 james street july 2018.jpg

(Below) This is a nice solid looking fish.  This jack would make good eating.

things to do in turangi 4 james street july 208.jpg

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