Wednesday, 9th August 2017


5:20pm An anlger called in this afternoon to say that that a good portion of a cliff had fallen into the Hinemaiaia in front of him while he was fishing causing it to colour up dramatically.


Overcast and raining .... again !!! No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro has come up to about 81 cumecs and looks to still be rising and Andrew said was very dirty.  More rain is forecast for the day so the river could keep going a little higher.  Fish reported caught thing this morning as the river was rising.  Fresh fish should move with this extra rain.  The rain should be a bonus for those heading this way for the weekend ....especially if there remains a touch of colour.


As of 9:45am the Boss reports that the Hinemaiaia was fishable with a tinge of colour to it. This may change throughout the day.


flood tongariro river 1 august 2017.jpg

(Above) The Tongariro River is bank to bank by the Major Jones Swing Bridge.  This is about 200 cumecs and was taken at 1:00pm today.

(Below) Looking downstream to the Major Jones at the same time as the picture was taken above.

flood tongariro river 2 august 2017.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool ..... the river should fish BOOMER once the river goes down and starts to clear.

This year the weather has provided lots more rain than the last four or five years.  The river has flooded a lot more this year (notice how the river isn't slimy like it has been over the last few years where anglers were wanting rain ?). The rain is good to move the fish through the rivers and is a trigger in getting them to run. I would call it an easy year for anglers to catch fish this year (when you have been able to fish).

flood tongariro river 3 august 2017.jpg

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