Friday 9th September 2016


Blowing its guts out !!  Trees and bushes almost blown horizontal to the ground !!  The rivers are all fishable if you want to get out in the strong wind and give it a lash! 

Most anglers will probably give it a miss today or head to the Hinemaiaia where it may be a bit more sheltered !

Here is a little bit more delayed coverage from earlier in the week thanks to Michael Shanahan and his mates.  Michael writes:

Hi guys,
Just thought we'd send a few pics, looking forward to another week of this! Getting a few on the swing using skagit heads and plenty Czech nymphing and with indicators.
Love ya work!
Mick, Mikey and James


michael shanahan 1 fishing.jpg


michael shanahan 2 fishing.jpg


michael shanahan 3 fishing.jpg

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