Saturday 9th September 2017


Overcast ... with RAIN again !!!!! No wind as of 10:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable this morning but flowing about 50 cumecs. 

Wow!!  I am really starting to get sick of the grey skies !!!  Haven't seen much blue this year !!!  Feel like I am starting to go mouldy .....

I received this email a couple of days ago thanks to Darryl Mills.  Darryl writes:


Hi Jared and the rest of the Sporting Life crew.

We really enjoy your website and Facebook fishing reports - so keep up the good work guys, its what keeps us going on those long days at work when we'd rather be fishing.

We were in Turangi last weekend and picked up a couple of fish on the TT with big holes in the side of them. See photos attached.

What do you think causes this? We were wondering about shag attacks, as we saw a few shags diving and re-appearing in the river. Any other ideas?

Had a great time last weekend with my two boys, landing about 24 fish between the 3 of us on the Tongariro and Tauranga Taupo. Added some extra show off pics of us too...

We bumped into Andrew at the Log Pool on Saturday morning - nice to meet the man behind the daily video reports.

Looking forward to our next trip, so will pop into the shop and catch up.


Darryl Mills

darryl mills 1 trout shag attack sep 2017.jpg


darryl mills 2 trout shag attack sep 2017.jpg


darryl mills 3 shag attack trout sep 2017.jpg


darryl mills 4 shag attack sep 2017.jpg


darryl mills 5 shag attack sep 2017.jpg





I replied to Darryl the following:


Hi Darryl


Could be a Shag attack. Could also be from being foul hooked by an angler and got infected where a hook has been pulled out ... could also be spear marks ? also could be from releasing the fish if they have been touched with dry hands.  The dry fingers may break through their protective slime and sometimes if hands are dirty can leave an infection. Might also be from angler who take their dogs with the them to fish ... if the dog bites into it if they are landing the fish.

Most possibly be Shags though as they have pretty sharp beaks. The two photos I attached are from a Shag that attacked a trout while I was playing the trout.  You can see one photo where the Shag has a really sharp beak


Could also be from Shag Worm .... see link







(Above) I was playing a fish and a Shag decided that it would decide to take it for itself.  I had one hell of a fight trying to land the fish while the Shag was trying to take off with it. I did land the fish though ... the shag came right up a meter away from me !!!  (Below) The top beak of this Shag is designed to hold on !


(Below) Shags are keen to swallow something of a good size. However it could be their downfall too.

shagged shag.jpg







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