Friday 9th October 2015


Wow! Another fine and sunny day here in Turangi today.  Just a cracker of a Spring Day.  Any volunteers who want to work for me ??? 

Anglers are calling into the shop and reporting having no trouble at all to catch fish in the Tongariro at present.  I received this report this morning thanks to Wayne.  Wayne writes:

Hi Jared,
Got home late Thursday from 4 great days fishing in Turangi on the Tongariro. Hooked some great fish . Not all landed.
Wednesday it was great to see an angler catch and release 12 fish in an hour moving no more than 5 mtrs down the pool.
Night fishing was OK. There was rise most nights briefly around 8pm –8.30pm.
Caught a couple of nice 4.5lb jacks on the dry with a nice fight.
Tight lines Wayne.

001 was out for a fish last night and caught this monster fish !  Check out the size of the cereal box !! Those boxes are pretty huge .... but then again most fisherman are liars ! Especially when it comes to inflating the size of their fish or the numbers that they actually catch !




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