Sunday 10th October 2016


Overcast with some rain first thing this morning. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable and is flowing at about 40 cumecs.

After my writing yesterday about Hide being a mad keen fisherman, I had to have a chuckle to myself! The owner of the motel where Hide was staying came into the shop in the afternoon yesterday and said to me .. "I was worried about Hide today. I thought there was something wrong with him.  I was wondering if I should call the ambulance or not because as I was working outside I noticed Hide was still in his room and his car wasn't gone!!" This was about 9:00am in the morning. Normally he says Hide is up and out of the motel before the sun is up and doesn't come back until the sun is down. He has said to me "what does he do all day?" and I say "he is normally hard out fishing".  

Anyway, I met up with Hide after work and slyly said to him "did you sleep in this morning?" to which he said "so very tired ... I go back after fishing with you last night, had shower, changed into new clothes ... then unconscious until 11am this morning.  Got up and had lunch!!!" 

After that he said he went out fishing again and hooked another 6.  Over the last few days we have been discussing that now we are slightly longer in the tooth, the speeds at which things happen are now starting to slow somewhat. 

tongariro river fly fishing major 2 jones 08102016.jpg

(Above) We went out to see if there would be an evening rise at the Major Jones pool. Got out of the car and walked across the bridge. Looking up and down the river we did not see another angler in sight !! Bonus.  Walked all the way to the Major Jones, got down to the beach and there ended up being two other anglers there !! Bugger!!! However it didn't take long to recognize the Toowoomba Terror !! I yelled out to him and asked what he was doing fishing my pool !  He said "we have only been here two minutes".  "You won't mind if I jump in here then will you ?"  I said to him .... Two casts later and I landed the fish below !! A spent fish but beggars can't be choosers.  Not long after they packed up and left saying something of like "we've got guests at home that need attending ..."

tongariro river fly fishing major 1 jones 08102016.jpg

(Below)  Hide and I waited until dark but no fish rose.  I got this other rainbow on the nymph and that was it. Quite quiet.  Yesterday Hide and another angler reported to me that there was a massive Mayfly hatch mid afternoon though.  I would really have like to have been fishing when that was happening. 

All up NZ (2), Australia (0) ;-)

tongariro river fly fishing major 3 jones 08102016.jpg

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