Monday 9th October 2017


Overcast.  No wind as of 9:45am. The Tongariro is fishable flowing at about 39 cumecs. It didn't come up too much with the rain that we have had over the last day or two.

I have had a few reports from Lake O over the last week. One angler showed me a picture of a 10lbder he landed spinning up there towards the end of last week and I received the following email and picture on Friday thanks to Louie the Fish. Louie writes:

David's first Lake O experience. Glo buggery scores! (chartreuse with flame dot floater, shooting head on the bottom). David landed 3 , lost two. I landed 4 lost 1

3 hours fishing!

I love lake O!!



louie te fish lake o glo bug october 2017.jpg

(Below) I received this photo this morning thanks to Jason Bleibtreu. This is a nice fresh run Tongariro river fish.  Jason writes:

Dear Sporting Life,  

It is nice to see there are plenty of rainbows in the Tongariro.

I caught this fresh run rainbow hen while wet lining Sunday afternoon in the lower river. The wooly bugger with the gold bead that you recommended did the trick.


 Jason Bleibtreu


jason 1 october 2017.jpg


jason 2 october 2017.jpg

(Above & Below) Jason and his son Robert also managed to get out on Lake Taupo for a fish recently with local fishing guide Bill Grace.  This year Lake Taupo has fished consistently well throughout the year for boaties with some very favourable reports over the Winter. Jason writes:

My son, Robert and I got some nice rainbow hens with Bill Grace while fishing on Lake Taupo recently.


Jason Bleibtreu 


jason 3 october 2017.jpg

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