Wednesday 9th November 2016


Fine and sunny.  Cool start.  As of 9:00am no wind.  The rivers are all clear and fishable. 

Wow!! We have a stunning day here today.  One that has been rather rare over the last month which has consisted of grey overcast days.  

We've had a few good reports of Lake Otamangakau.  General reports appear it had been a bit of a slow start up there but just recently some good sized fish have been reported. Some quite atrocious weather at times but as the Spring progresses should become more pleasant !! 

We had Eric Wong from Northern China call into the shop yesterday wanting to try his hand at fly fishing. He had never done it before so Pete gave him a 5 min casting lesson on a tiny casting demo rod in the shop  .... then  hired him some gear and off he went.  He called back later in the day and Pete asked him how he got on ... "Well, I landed three he said and I lost another 3 !!"  Pete's eyes nearly popped out of his head !!!

(Below) Eric with one of his trout he landed in the Tongariro.

tongariro river rainbow trout eric wong 08112016.jpg

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