Thursday 9th November 2017


Fine and sunny. Felt like it was almost a frost this morning !! A slight cool breeze this moring.  This may increase during the day. The Tongariro still has a touch of colour and Pete and Andrew said the river looked perfect for fishing.

The Tongariro came up to about 100cumecs yesterday due to the heavy rain.  It was quite dirty too, however the river never takes long to go down and become fishable. The river looks ideal to wetline today with the touch of colour and I would possibly give the green and white caddis nymphs a burn as I would suspect a few would have been dislodged out from under the rocks yesterday, so today should see a feeding frenzy by the trout.

A bright suuny day may also see a hatch of Mayflies, so keep your dries on standby.  A few more reports from various anglers over the last few days at having seen more green beetles. If it is a nice evening then there should be a good evening rise.

(Below) "Morning all, Andrew from Sporting Life Turangi ... the day is awesome, the fishing is awesome, the coffee is awsome, Turangi is awesome, everything is awesome, awesome ... better get down to Sporting Life to get yourself geared up with some awesome gear to do some awesome fishing ... amen !"

Andrew doing his morning report for the Sporting Life Facebook page down by the Tongariro on a nice sunny day. You can see that the river has cleared up nicely from yesterday.  The river still contains a touch of a milky colour this morning but this is awesome for wetlining and the nymphing should fire just as it starts to clear...... I really need a volunteer to work for me this morning so I can go fishing !


   thursday 9th nov 2017.jpg

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