Wednesday 9th December 2015


A stunning day to be in Turangi today. Fine and sunny with no wind at this stage (it got really gusty yesterday - really making the fishing hard due to the wind). All rivers are fishable today. Take your pick of what you would like to do today -  rivers (dryfly, nymph or wetfly), river mouths, lakes, boat fishing .... anything should be fantastic to do today !! Any volunteers who want to work for me ? After 15 years of doing the web report I still haven't had one volunteer to come in and work for me while I get to go fishing !! Maybe I should ask for volunteers who want to come fishing with me ??


(Above) I put Jens on the web the other day saying how good he is at catching big fish!  Well, here is another huge one. Don't be too deceived by this photo as the Pheasant Tail fly is actually a foot and a half long, so this gives you some idea of the size of his fish !! It kind of reminds me of when you think you have a leaf on the fly and flick it out of the water to shake the darn thing off only to find you might have one of these !!! 

(Below) A nice walk through the trees at the Tauranga-Taupo river.


(Below) Jens's brother-in-law, Uwe busy landing a fish at the Tauranga-Taupo river the other day.




(Above & Below) These images kind of conjure up the story of the soldier who was stuck on a tropical island and still thought the war was going 40 years later !! This is Jens using his Samurai Sword (fly rod) trying to swipe the grass to find the track. A bit of a buzz up there with the weed eater would be nice to help the "Octogenarians" to get up there without being able to get lost.

Also getting quite a few tourists walking into the shop who underestimate the power of our sunshine and are walking into the shop looking like a traffic light on "stop"! Use plenty of sunscreen !!


(Below) Casting on the Tauranga-Taupo river.



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