Friday 9th December 2016


Overcast with the sun trying to poke through. Humid weather appearing now. No wind this morning. The Tongariro is highly fishable. 

What a strange day it was yesterday weatherwise. Overcast, bleak and drizzly and dark and grey. Still been flat out in the shop to get out and have a go at fishing .... oh to be retired ... or on holiday and have all the time in the world !! 

Plenty of visitors having a crack at the Tongariro and some local rivers.  A few starting to report catching juvenile fish now. These juveniles will be starting to feed up over the summer.  Others are still catching some nice fresh fish but reporting they have to get through the skinnier spent ones to get into the good ones.

When the sun is up and the water is clear then this is the perfect time to go looking for fish and employing your spotting techniques to be able to cast to sighted fish.  The overcast days make this a little difficult.

Jigging reports are still showing up some great fish.  Try a little deeper for the bigger ones.


tongariro river bridge 2 pool 09122016.jpg

(Above) The cloud burnt off here in Turangi this morning to produce this stunning day. The humidity is up there though. This is looking upstream to the S.H.1 road bridge. 

(Below) Looking downstream to the "Old" Bridge Pool opposite Herekiekie Street. You can see as the land heats up the clouds are forming over the land.  All of the rain we have had is being evaporated.  We get our own kind of weather here in Turangi.  Lake Taupo is large enough to effect it in some way.  Usually over the summer there can be bright blue sky above Lake Taupo but the surrounding land has these huge white clouds .... by late afternoon they burst and you can have evening showers.

tongariro river bridge 1 pool 09122016.jpg

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