Sunday 1st January 2017


Happy New Year !!! The start of another one ... the last one went so fast !! Hope you all had a great evening to see in the New Year. Lets see what this year will bring us in terms of fishing.  So far the reports from the boaties have been plenty of fish and in great condition.  Fingers crossed this will reflect in the rivers when they start to move through into these.

An overcast start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind either which will be a bonus for the river anglers and boat fishermen.

The river anglers are still reporting lots of fish in the Tongariro with some having a great time but a few others not up with the play are seeing fish and not catching them. We have still had plenty of visitors hiring out gear to head out on the river which is good to see.  Most are still targeting fish on the evening rise ..... quite interesting over the years hearing what has happened ... some reporting "NO" fish in the river during the day but are totally amazed at how many "APPEAR" for the evening rise. 

Out on Lake Taupo it appears most through the shop are really having a great time jigging. Some great conditioned fish look to be caught. 

Seems to be quite a few people turning up this year to go camping discovering what the area has to offer.

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