Sunday 10th January 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day today but we have a gusty strong wind. 

The Tongariro still contains some colour to it which should be beneficial to the angler who struggles in clear conditions.  Would be perfect for the wetline. 

I went for a look down to the river yesterday evening and saw few anglers.  I did hear the odd few cicadas in the warmer patches of the track. Not many though.  Still quite cold.  Once the heat gets up then these should come out more. 

I also spotted something else down at the river ..... is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a seagull, is it a shag ????  no .... but it could be a drone?  Not the one you sit next to for hours and hours listening to the constant "......." ... but the flying variety. 


(Below) It was just a stunning evening to be out and about last night. Check out how blue that sky is.  Notice that there was still a bit of colour to the water.



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