Wednesday 10th January 2018


Overcast, humid.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

The river has settled down nicely since the flood towards the end of last week.  Looks like plenty of fish have been caught. The nymphing has been really good.  It is always worth fishing after a big flood as the nymph life gets dislodged and the fish go into a bit of a feeding frenzy.

I headed out on Sunday and caught up with Trevor from Taupo.  The water was still a little coloured. It was a little slow going at first until we hit some fish. If you don't have much luck after a while, the idea is to move around.  If you don't hook up then go somewhere else.  We found fish in pockets. The idea after a flood is to just get out there and keep fishing.  

The fish basically all took caddis nymphs, except for one I got wetlining on a glo bug ;-) 

I saw some Mayflies hatching mid afternoon on Monday but didn't see any fish rising to them.  Also when the sun came out over the last few days I have heard some more cicadas chirping. 


fish caught after 1 flood 07012018.jpg

(Above) I gave the wetline a burn and only managed to hook this small brown on the bug!

(Below) Trevor hooked up at the Blue Pool on Sunday afternoon. This part of the river looked unaffected by the flood.

fish caught after 3 flood 07012018.jpg


(Below) The typical sort of fish most likely hooked in the Tongariro at present.  A well mended spent fish or kelt.  We hooked a few very small tiddlers as well ... I have referred to these in the past as Sammy The Sardine or River Rodents ! I hooked one that was only about two and a half inches long !

fish caught after 2 flood 07012018.jpg

(Below) Another typical summer Tongariro River rainbow.

fish caught after 4 flood 07012018.jpg


fish caught after 5 flood 07012018.jpg



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