Wednesday 10th February 2016


Fine and sunny and all rivers are fishable. The cicadas are still chirping madly. Some anglers are having a lot of fun fishing with these at present in the local rivers.  A great way to fish as it is so visual and when you get a hit ..... you get a "HIT!"

Also if you are fishing with the cicada try and handle the fish carefully.  Usually the cicadas are big flies and have big barbs. I try and crimp my barb with a pair of forceps to make it easier to remove from the fish to spend less time handling them, also if you land the fish try not to beach them on HOT ROCKS.  Just slide them into shallow water and try and unhook there. 

Over the last few days little birdies have been whispering in my ears that some river mouths flowing into Lake Taupo have been fishing very well with quite a few brown trout reported being caught.

I received this email this morning thanks to Michael Bakkers and is titled "Stream Mouth Action". So my words of wisdom would be hammer the cicada fishing during the day and head to the mouths at night (or day too if you want) !




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