Thursday 10th March 2016


Fine and sunny here in Turangi today. All rivers are getting quite low and are very clear. Just some stunning weather for fishing at the moment. 

I saw a good picture of a nice fresh rainbow caught yesterday in the Tongariro.  A few are trickling through but you will have to outsmart the tiddlers to not take your fly so you will have a change at getting the good ones. 

With the nice weather it would still be worth fishing the mouths. Anglers are still reporting "skinny" fish at the mouths but quite easy to catch. 

Some rain would be nice to get some freshness in the rivers but now is a good chance to fish nice sunny stable conditions. Locals are quite pleased that temperatures have cooled off a bit now.  The mornings have been very "fresh" and "nippy".

These pics were sent in today thanks to Lars and Jane. Lars likes to "walk and stalk" the river to spot these fish and fish for them.  Going out and standing in one spot all day to hopefully get one going past your fly and attach itself may not be the best way to fish, especially in these clear conditions. You may have to take yourself to the fish rather than wait for the fish to come to you !




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