Tuesday 5th May 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day in Turangi today.  No wind at this stage.  All rivers are LOW and GIN clear. Actually they are possibly clearer than gin and a few slices of lemon may be required to impart a touch of colour ;-)

I went for an explore on Sunday from the Red Hut up to the Boulder Reach.  Spent most of it looking and walking.  Saw very few fish but managed to hook 5 and land three. The Autumn is a great time of the year to fish.  This weather has been stunning, more like fishing the summer. Little wind, warm with just a slight crispness to the air and a major bonus for me is very few anglers fishing which means you can basically fish most places to yourself. The colours of the trees changing is a fine sight as well. 


(Above) Norm nymphing the Boulder Reach.

(Below) Slow water in the tail of the Boulder Reach.  Water better suited to the wetline.


(Below) The skeletons of dead wilding pines.  These have been done a few years ago and will possibly be starting to degrade somewhat now. Not sure if I would like to be walking under these in high winds !


(Below) Looking upstream to the bypass heading up to the Boulder Reach. In a good flood you can expect quite a bit of water in here.




(Above) The first rainbow I landed. The good thing was I never hooked any Subway fish. Over the last few days out and about I tended to hook rainbows that were kind of fresh and just on the 40cm size limit or older resident fish that were of a good size but darker in colour. I nymphed over these days.  There were even the odd fish still rising.


(Below) This was a solid jack that fought pretty well. The old saying "if all else fails try a glo bug" worked here. The light was fading and I changed to a glo bug.  I hooked another fish about two casts before this one and that got off, then I hooked this one and landed it. 



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