Saturday, 10th June 2017


Overcast, cool, a cool lazy breeze blowing as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable today.

Local angler Graham Hamilton was out fishing at the Delta yesterday and managed to land a few cracker fish that look like they are ready to run the river.  The fish will be sneaking through in the clear conditions but any hint of rain and they will be off again.

The river mouths should be worth a look in the weather conditions that we have been having, especially at night.  The moon is full at present so the fish should be able to see your flies pretty well.  Fish with flies that imitate Koura (such as Fuzzy Wuzzy's, Scotch Poachers or Craig's Night Time)  or small bullies (things like Parson's Glories or Woolly Buggers).  If the moon is below the horizon or covered by cloud try things like a Lumo Doll fly or Lumo Squid.


(Below) Three nice fat plump fish caught yesterday at the Tongariro River delta by Graham Hamilton. The Jack fish to the left of the picture was a good solid fish.

graham hamilton tongariro river delta 09062017.jpg

(Below) An aerial shot of the Tongariro River Delta just after a good flood from October 2013.  You can see what is called the first mouth in the centre of the picture. The main mouth is the top left one.  Every time we get a flood the delta keeps growing as it deposits more silt.  You can see the line of silt just in front of the first mouth and is usually called the "edge of the drop off"

tongariro delta 29102013.jpg




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