Sunday 10th June 2018


Overcast but fine.  Cool start to the morning here in Turangi this morning. No wind as of 9:45am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

A note for anglers heading this way in the cold frosty conditions ... just slow down in cold shaded areas on the road as there have been a few reports of cars skidding on ice.


(Below) Local angler Graham Hamilton headed off to the Delta yesterday morning and looks to have come up trumps with a nice bag limit of rainbow trout.  These will be the next ones to run when we get some rain.  They may already be sneaking up the river. A few years ago I was fishing a small river at night on a Full Moon with a bright starry sky, frosty and the fish were running like mad. Popular beliefs are that they wait for rain but after observing what I saw, they were running with no rain in sight.   


graham hamilton 1 lake taupo delta fish 09062018.jpg

(Above) Graham with two nice fat plump Lake Taupo trout.

(Below) A bag limit of six nice Taupo Trout. 

graham hamilton 2 lake taupo delta rainbows 09062018.jpg


(Below) Hayden Stewart called in to Sporting Life yesterday to set himself up with a new sinking line to match his rod he got a week or two ago.  He emailed us this picture yesterday afternoon. It looks like the new fly line has been well and truly christened. Hayden writes: 


Loving the new line thanks Jared.

Crap photo but nice fish.


hayden stewart tongariro river brown trout 09062018.jpg


plastic bag ban 1 june 2018.jpg

(Above & Below) With plastic and the environment being in the news a lot these days we thought we would try and do our bit to help minimise the amount going to landfill.  We decided paper bags were the way to go, only to find that when we recieved them ... guess what ?  Wrapped in plastic ... a bit ironic actually .....

I am still wondering what people who walk dogs are going to do when their dog does a "doo" ?  I wonder if a brown paper bag on a wet day will be the ideal solution ?? Anyone got any clever suggestions for that ? Also once you catch a trout and want to store it in the freezer .... what are you going to put it in ? Any suggestions on that one ??

plastic bag ban 2 june 2018.jpg



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