Monday 10th August 2015


What a frost to wake up to this morning!!! Lovely beautiful blue skies, snow on Pihanga and a slight breeze with a chill in that air. But I really dont think you can get better then a beautiful frosty winters day, finding a warm sunny spot to enjoy the warmth of the sun, and I am sure that the anglers would agree (maybe not when you take into consideration the chilliness of that water). 

I went for a walk down by the river this morning to see what it was like, just for you lovely readers, and it was beautiful and clear!! After the weekend we had of alot of rain, anglers were leaning towards glo bugs and woolly buggers but with the sun being out and the river being so beautiful and clear maybe try more natural flies today.

I also managed to catch up with a fisherman friend of mine this morning, and found out he doesnt like the nic name I gave for him so will only call him Seth on here, and he said he and his kids had fun lastnight out on the river, caught these two fish, as you can see they were both pretty happy. 

Another picture was sent in yesterday, and all this email said was "Hi, No problem keeping the fish fresh this morning". Pretty simple, but enough to explain what kind of weather conditions were yesterday. Pretty Chilly.

After looking at the river today and checking out the Genesis river report, it still hasnt gone down to the normal levels, still seems to be sitting at 46 cumecs, but according to my resources still good to fish.


Hope you all have a great day, esp. if your out fishing! 



Awesome to see kids out fishing! 



Beautiful fish, kept nicely chilled on the grass!

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