Thursday, 10th August 2017


Overcast. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable flowing at about 70 cumecs.  Great for wetlining and nymphing the edges.


fishable 1 tongariro 10082017.jpg

(Above) This is the fishable condition of the Tongariro at 8:30am this morning.  Here it is flowing at about 70 cumecs. Great for nypmhing the edges and perfect for swinging a wetlfy. Some will say "too dirty" but others who have caught plenty of fish in these conditons will say "awesome" ... if you don't want to fish today then you can always come into the shop and relieve me of my position for the day so that I can ! 

(Below) This was the same place yesterday flowing at about 200 cumecs.

flood tongariro river 1 august 2017.jpg


fishable 2 river 10082017.jpg

(Above) Looking downstream to the Breakfast Pool and Major Jones Pool at 8:30am  Three anglers out and about having a go.  I also just spoke to an angler who had caught to big jacks this morning already.

(Below) The same picture as above but at 200 cumecs yesterday.

flood tongariro river 2 august 2017.jpg


fishable 3 river 10082017.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool this morning. Looks good ... where's all the anglers?  Still in bed probably contemplating dreaming of waking to a flooded river ???

(Below) Same shot as above taken yesterday.

flood tongariro river 3 august 2017.jpg

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