Thursday 10th September 2015


Overcast start to the day today but at this stage no wind. A few anglers have noticed a change in the river with some noticing a slowdown ..... wonder if that has to do with clear water and not a lot of rain. My suggestion is to go looking for the fish rather than wait for them to come to you.  Other anglers have still been doing pretty good. 

Drum roll please ...... and the correct weight of the fish that I put on Sunday 6th September is .... after quite a few emails .... with most saying around 7.5lbs  with not many around the 5.5lbs .... and a few others to the 8.5lbs is ........


6.75 lbs

Now, the interesting thing is .... as has been done many times in the past, anglers tend to OVERESTIMATE what a fish actually weighs. Many times I have heard these 5lb fish that anglers have caught .... question is how did they know it was 5lbs ? The only way to know is to actually weigh them.  The old "Guesstimation" method usually over inflates the size of them. In the past I have conducted experiments and find that if anglers "Guesstimate", then take about a third off. This time it appeared that most anglers were only about 3/4 pound over. Not a bad effort.  Thanks to those who emailed in.



(Above) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool on Tuesday. Not like that today with the overcast conditions.

The wind picked up on Tuesday and made the fishing very tiring.


(Above & Below) The first two fish I caught. Spent or recovering fish.  These ones will be the ones that will rise to the dry fly soon.  I saw Mayflies hatching on Tuesday afternoon but nothing was coming up to the surface to take. A few weeks away yet for this to happen.


(Below) A few others landed.








I was nymphing and most fish took a "Crypto Nite Caddis".  Got one on a glo bug.




(Above & below) I had a really interesting day on Tuesday.  Coming back from the Major Jones Pool I was walking along and next thing I see this HUGE hare bound along the track at a slow pace towards me??  It stopped about 20 meters away and I went to get my camera to take a picture but he sauntered off into the blackberries.  Strange I thought ..... I walked about another 80 meters and lo and behold ANOTHER hare was coming towards me ???? This time I got a picture as it took off !

Later in the day I was getting back to the car in the carpark and you wouldn't believe it .... I saw a chicken !!!

What a day for wildlife ..... I walked up to the chicken and got about a meter from it !

What a strange day .... all I could think off was "fly tying materials!"

Driving down the road I was wondering what else I would see ..... a tortoise ?




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