Saturday 10th September 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day. Gusty, blustery S winds expected to ease later in the day. All rivers are fishable. 

It was unbelievably windy yesterday!! Quite a few anglers were in the shop and were just twiddling thumbs wasting a bit of time waiting for the wind to go away.  It is expected to ease later today but it is 100% nicer today than it was yesterday!!!

A little bit more delayed coverage for you.  The photo and email below is thanks to Serge. Serge writes:


The last day we have been very satisfactory for the Caledonians boys , with several big arc. Warmest thoughts and thank you for your support.


serge lorenzini aug 2016.jpg


sage 1 staff aug 2016.jpg

(Above & Below) Something a little different for you today.  The following pictures are the dedicated staff that are employed to make your top quality Sage Fly rods.  The Boss was recently in the states and called in to visit the factory to make sure the quality was up to standard for you ;-)

The Boss has been a long term supporter of Sage selling their rods for the last 25-30 years.

sage 2 staff aug 2016.jpg

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