Sunday 10th September 2017


Overcast with some clear sunny patches. A good dumping of snow on local surrounding mountains this morning. The Tongariro is currently flowing at around 48 cumecs this morning and I would say would be well worth a flick either wetlining or nymphing.

There was a good dumping of snow on the local mountains this morning.  Not uncommon for this time of the year.  The Spring can be some of the worst weather that we get here. Don't forget Lake Otamangakau opens on 1st October and on some opening mornings up there I have been rained on, hailed on, sleeted on and snowed on !!

The Spring can sometimes give a false sense to anglers who think we are out of Winter ... back in 1994 towards the end of September there was a huge dump of snow here in Turangi.  The ground was coated in 2-3 inches of snow which for Turangi is quite uncommon but does happen.  Also in the past we have had snow on Mt Pihanga 2-3 days before Christmas Day.


snow on pihanga 10092017.jpg

(Above) A good dusting of snow covering the farmland at the bush edge on Mt Pihanga this morning.

(Below) I received this email and photo thanks to John Hardie Boys this morning.  The fishing has been fantastic this year and most people have commented on how good the fish have been ... have a read through the reports from the start of the year and see if I was right in predicting a boomer year ? Especially when it came to anglers getting smoked by some good fish ;-)

Also remember that the last three years has seen some really good conditioned fish too ... unfortunately most of these have already been forgotten, however a good record of photos don't lie ;-) 

I predicted a good season as early as the end of January this year.  Check out the following reports to see if I was right ...


John writes:

Hi team,

had a day on the Tongariro on Friday, just as the river was dropping with a nice green tinge, and the weather was actually quite OK, managed to find water that was out of the wind.

Walked upstream from the Major Jones swingbridge and nymphed a few pools. Caught nine rainbows all up, and lost a few others. What impressed me was the size of the fish compared to the last few years, one 6lbs, two 5 lbs, and the others around 4lbs, most of them fresh run fish. Hope to be back soon!

John Hardie Boys


john hardie boys sep 2017.jpg

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