Tuesday 10th January 2017


Overcast start here in Turangi today.  Not much wind as of 9:45am. All rivers are fishable.

Temperatures still remain cold here in Turangi.  The odd cicada has been heard when the temperatures have got up and the sun has come out. Over the last 16 years usually mid January is when they get going here with February usually the best month for this sort of fishing.  The cicadas are very temperature controlled and if temperatures remain cold they could be a little delayed.  Some years there has only been a two week window in February where fish will lock on and feed on them. 

Apart from that there is an abundant nymph life in the river.  I turned a rock over in the river last night and there were heaps of Mayfly nymphs there. The caddis are still hatching right on the change of light. 

I took my mate and his son Eli out for a fish for the evening rise last night on the Tongariro. This was Eli's second time fishing ... we did the same thing last year. For the whole year he was pestering his mum and dad to go fishing with "Uncle Jared" again!!  We also had to take the Milo and the gear to cook up some pikelets !!!!! It is good to see such enthusiasm in one so young !

We started off having a nymph but not a lot happened (as I said the other week you may believe there are no fish in the river prior to the rise and then come the rise it's all on and you wouldn't believe the numbers of fish in the river).

So if the fishing was a little slow then the eating and drinking is usually good.

hai and eli 1 evening rise 09012017.jpg

(Above) Hai and Eli enjoying a hot Milo on the riverbank.

(Below) The pikelets ready for the jam !

hai and eli 2 evening rise 09012017.jpg

(Below) The rise started and I managed to hook the fish and let Eli wind them in. The first one he wanted to hold ... the rest not!

hai and eli 3 evening rise 09012017.jpg

(Below) Eli releasing the fish back into the river.

hai and eli 6 evening rise 09012017.jpg

(Below) Eeew they are all slimy !

hai and eli 7 evening rise 09012017.jpg


hai and eli 4 evening rise 09012017.jpg


hai and eli 5 evening rise 09012017.jpg



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