Tuesday 10th October 2017


Fine and sunny start to the morning this morning ... not sure if I imagined this sunshine or not ??? As of 9:30am the cloud seems to be rolling in again. No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro has come up to 51 cumecs here in town this morning due to more overnight rain. 

Anglers are still reporting catching plenty of fish.

I went for a bit of an explore on my days last week.  I headed down Grace Road to the lower river to check out the changes due to flooding etc and also to see what the tracks were like. 


reed 1 pool 04102017.jpg

(Above) The "Arrivals & Departures" terminal at the Turangi International Airport.

(Below) The main runway. The tires serve two purposes here.  On the other side they are painted white and act as leading lights to bring the aircraft in .... the other purpose for them is to cushion the impact of a runway overshoot and hopefully prevent overspill onto the road ?? 

reed 2 pool 04102017.jpg

(Below) The transition from the tar seal to gravel at Grace Road. It is possible to get a car down to where the gate is but my suggestion is to go slow. Just prior to the gate carpark a rough track will take you back up river to just above where the Delatours bend broke away.

reed 3 pool 04102017.jpg

(Below) This is looking downstream just above where the Delatours bend started heading towards the gate carpark.  The old channel is to the immediate right of the picture. This old channel is now a rusty coloured swamp.

reed 5 pool 04102017.jpg

(Below) This is looking upstream from the same point I took the photo from in the picture above.  The beach to the left of the picture is where anglers park their 4WD's. 

reed 4 pool 04102017.jpg

(Below) Working my way upstream towards the Reed Pool from where anglers park their 4WD's.

reed 6 pool 04102017.jpg

(Below) The track along the true right side of the river.  The track is a good one and leads all of the way up to the Reed Pool. While I was here some DOC workers were spraying the track to keep the weeds down.  

reed 7 pool 04102017.jpg

(Above) Two anglers fishing a nice pool just downstream of where the small creek on the other side of the river enters the main channel.

reed 8 pool 04102017.jpg

(Below) A nice bit of water just above the two anglers. The flooding has eaten the river bank back to the line of willows.  A few years ago willows were cleared on both sides of the river about 10m back from the edge of the water .... of course flooding on the outside of the bend always eats the bank away and gets back to the line of vegetation holding the bank in place yet again.

reed 9 pool 04102017.jpg

(Below) Looking to the top of the Reed Pool. This is a great pool for the more senior angler as the gravel bottom makes it easy for wading and the current is not so swift as to upset their balance.

I followed the track back upstream to the Bain Pool carpark.

reed 91 pool 04102017.jpg

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