Wednesday 10th October 2018


Overcast and cool.  A cool NW breeze is blowing. No rain as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.  

Today a cool NW wind has set in.  The dry fly / dropper fishing should still be worth a burn as there are still plenty of Mayflies coming off the water.  The birds are having a field day at the moment feeding on these. I was out fishing after work the other evening and cast my dry fly upstream along the bank and a couple of birds even swooped in to try and take my Imposter Mayfly !

I put another angler onto the dry / dropper the other day and he wrote me an email and said :

Hi mate

Did I ever! Had a fantastic day mate, on the dry and dropper.  Ankle deep water, like you said. Had a blast. Best day in a long time. Not sure how many I landed/lost but was a real cracker of a day. Mostly sight fishing too. Thanks for the tip mate. Legend!



Other nymphers are doing well but from the reports I have had is the wetliners seem to have picked up some nicer, fresher fish.

Reports from Lake Taupo indicate the smelt are around with one group of anglers reporting catching fish spewing up smelt.  The Silicon Smelt has been a good fly for this as well as grey ghost and mini grey ghosts.  


(Below) I only saw two anglers fishing in the Hydro Pool today at lunchtime.

10102018 top 10 things to do in turangi fishing.jpg



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