Tuesday 10th November 2015


What a stunning day it was yesterday. I had to pop over to Taupo yesterday, and I was not surprised to see people swimming in the lake. It was a stunner of a day, today? Well today is overcast and a lot cooler, which is how I like it. We also have got to move more warmer stock out into the shop. Its pretty exciting to see a bit of colour in the shop.

Wet lining and nymphing seems to be popular at the moment. One angler came in yesterday and said they got 11 fish so that is promising. Johnny boy, or as Jared calls him 001 said that the reports coming back from the angler are all good. People are catching fish and they aren't small ones either. So that's good for you anglers setting out today! Smaller flies are being getting the results that anglers want.

Sorry anglers I don't have any photos to share with you, but as soon as I get any I will put them up.


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