Thursday 10th November 2016


Fine with some cloud about in Turangi this morning.  Light breeze as of 9:00am. All rivers are fishable. It seems at the moment that when the rain comes the wind disappears and when the sun comes out the wind picks up !!! It has been quite an unsettled Spring so far.  It has still been quite cold.  However Spring can be like this and it should settle as we head toward the December humidity and drizzly conditions. 

The Boss reported seeing a heap of Green Beetles the other day.  They should continue to build in numbers over the next month or so. Yesterday when we got to 23 degrees, the blowflies came out in force and also plenty of wasps. 

Yesterday was very windy but the wind tapered off right on dark and Pete said there was a good rise on the river. If you have never fished the rise then it is well worth doing and I would say would have to be the easiest way to ever catch a fish. It is a great type of fishing to take the kids to as they get to see the fish and don't get too bored while Dad is standing there for hours catching nothing they can't see ;-) They sounded like they were going nuts on the caddis. The fight from the fish on the dry is completely different to those caught on the nymph and even different than on the wetline. I think the fish get a bit of a "fright" when they take the bug and find it is attached to a piece of nylon.  They tend to try and shake their heads and leap and go "nuts".  The urge to feed is there and when they have a good source of food it is hard to resist ..... bit like us humans at a smorgasbord !! 

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