Friday 10th November 2017


Fine and sunny with cloud developing. Warmish and feeling a little humid. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

I decided to head out for an evening rise fish last night.  Not to put too much effort in, I didn't even get into waders instead opting for gumboots. 

The beauty of the evening rise is that you can head home, do a few chores, have some dinner and then head out prior to the change of light. Quite a few Mayflies were hatching last night however only the odd fish rose to take them off the surface. I did pick one up one a Mayfly dry which just nailed the fly.  Most of the fish will most likely be recovering rainbows but Andrew and Pete looked to get into a good brown last night. 

Expect to catch a lot of recovering rainbows at this time of the year.  They are the result of the spawning runs.  Once the fish have spawned they lose their condition and then become what are know as spent / recovering / kelts.  They can hang out in the river feeding up on the Mayflies / Caddis and insects and gain a bit of condition.  If there are a lack of floods and there is an abundant insect life, the fish can regain condition quite quickly. They may then hang out in the river for the rest of the year and become "resident fish" 

Although not generally fish to "take" they provide excellent "SPORT" ..... especially for the dry fly enthusiast.

The rise was really good last night. It went for about 40 minutes, however was effected a little bit by the gusty wind that blew at times dampening off the rises. 


evening rise dry fly fishing 1 tongariro river 09112017.jpg

(Above) Waiting for the rise.

(Below) The fish that nailed the Mayfly dry. It is always Magical watching your fly hit the water ... drift nicely and then BOOM ! it gets inhaled .... the fight is usually pretty good too.

evening rise dry fly fishing 2 tongariro river 09112017.jpg

(Below) The same fish as the one in the net above.  It put up quite a good fight.  I think the fish get a big surprise when they get hooked and seem to fight way differently than those on the nymph.

evening rise dry fly fishing 4 tongariro river 09112017.jpg

(Below) Another fish landed on the Sporting Caddis.

evening rise dry fly fishing 3 tongariro river 09112017.jpg

(Below) Another landed.

evening rise dry fly fishing 5 tongariro river 09112017.jpg


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