Thursday 10th December 2015


A gusty wind blowing yet again today - quite a cold one too !! Not so good for the fly caster. All rivers are fishable though. The wind is making it challenging for some anglers.  It tends to wear you out very easy when battling the wind.  I really hope this isn't going to last all summer.  Growing up in Turangi, over the years I have noticed we can get really windy summers.  After a while the wind just seems to grate on you and causes you to get irritated !  Every day is the same.  Usually in this instance the first light and last light are sometimes the calmest.

I decided to have a change of tactics and last night headed out to Lake Taupo for a spin fish.  The wind was quite gusty but did ease right on dark.  I managed to land 6 sticks, 3 clumps of weed and I eventually hooked something about 5m in front of me just after dark which rolled on the surface and got off .... my suspicion ... potential catfish. I only saw one fish jump and that one was the size of the one Jens hooked from the report yesterday.

It was really nice to be out and about and the sky was really clear and you could see all of the stars.  There was a massive amount of midges that were flitting about the surface and a raft of them formed on the water about my feet.


(Above) A nice evening to be out fishing the shores of Lake Taupo

(Below) A lot of water for the fish to hide in !


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