Wednesday 11th January 2017


Fine and sunny start in Turangi this morning with the cloud coming over a bit later. No wind first thing this morning but going by the last three months there may be a good chance that it could get up to gusting around lunchtime and the afternoon.  All rivers are fishable.

Here is a little bit of delayed coverage thanks to Charlie Dixon.  Charlie writes:

Hi Andrew/Jared

Just a quick email to report on my recent trip to Turangi.

Due to family commitments I wasn't able to get out fishing as much as I would of liked to, but did manage to get a few sessions in. Last Monday morning I headed to one of my favourite stretches of the mid-upper Tongariro. The fishing was pretty good. Managed to land 4 fish in about an hour. All hard fighting rainbows in the 3lb region. I had a couple on a lightweight dry fly nymph combo and the others on a more standard Tongariro style nymphing rig.

I particularly love fishing the Tongariro in summer. Generally have the most pools to yourself. Very underrated summer fishery. Madness really as the river was stacked with fish.

Anyway I'll be back down next month.

Tight lines

Charlie Dixon

charles 1 dixon jan 2017.jpg


charles 2 dixon jan 2017.jpg


charles 3 dixon jan 2017.jpg


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