Thursday 11th January 2018


Overcast with some clear blue sky poking through. Warm and humid. A slight breeze as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Wow!! It got really hot here in Turangi yesterday.  At lunchtime my thermometer was reading an outside temperature of 28.8 degrees celcius. 

A few more cicadas have been trying to chirp ... however they kind of get going and then kind of stop again. 

I managed to get out for a flick on the Tongariro on Monday afternoon. The water still had just a tinge of milky colour to it from the flood.  Knowing that the fish would still be hard out feeding on the dislodged nymphs I decided to nymph. 

Most fish took a caddis nymph but a few took the Hare and Copper Bomb. I did see a few Mayflies that had hatched and were floating down the river but I didn't see any fish rise to them.

After fishing the day before in waders which I found really hot, I decided to wet wade while fishing..... that was really nice standing in the cool water while the temperatures were up.

The wading is really good at the moment as the rocks have been scoured clean of slime !


tongariro nymph 1 fishing 08012018.jpg

(Above & Below) The rainbows hooked really put up a good fight.

tongariro nymph 2 fishing 08012018.jpg

(Below) The fish were hoovering up the Caddis nymphs.

tongariro nymph 3 fishing 08012018.jpg

(Below) I landed this really nice silver fish which looked fresh run.

tongariro nymph 4 fishing 08012018.jpg

(Below) I decided to keep this one for the smoker.  It had a nice flesh colour to it and tasted pretty good once smoked as well.

tongariro nymph 5 fishing 08012018.jpg

(Below) I wanted to see what it had been eating and this was what I found ( excluding the match stick! ).  Mostly had horn case caddis and mushy leaf litter.

tongariro nymph 9 fishing 08012018.jpg

(Below) A close up of the caddis horns.  These are the casing that the caddis nymph body lives in.  Their heads and legs stick out the top and they kind of get around like hermit crabs.

tongariro nymph 8 fishing 08012018.jpg


tongariro nymph 6 fishing 08012018.jpg

(Above & Below) A few more recovering rainbows landed. 

tongariro nymph 7 fishing 08012018.jpg

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