Thursday 11th February 2016


Hot and sticky with humidity once again.  Can't wait for the wind to swing to the South to get some fresh air blow through!!!

This is keeping the cicadas going however I have seen more and more "wings" on the ground now.  The wings tend to appear when the birds have a good feed on the cicadas and tend to "pluck" them off before eating.  Early in the morning with the dew on the ground and a little bit of sunshine is the best to see them.

The cicadas have been deafening this year. I kind of find it irritating to my ears after a while. Taking a set of soft spongy ear plugs is a good idea to stifle the sound.

Anglers have still had fish rising to the cicada in the Tongariro and most are finding it quite easy and entertaining. 



(Above) Walking along the river you may be able to spot plenty of wings like these ones lying on the ground.

(Below) The wings are quite tough things and survive long after the cicadas have gone. 



(Below) The biggest "catch o' the day" the other day.  This angler "squirmed like a worm" when this was removed. Thought he was going to pass out actually, but he lived and went off much happier that it was out !



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