Saturday 11th February 2017


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. All rivers are fishable. The cicadas are going mad !!! You really need to be here .... say no more !!

(Below) The Kamahi Pool late yesterday evening. For the last three weeks I have taken the dog for a walk along the river and come across very few anglers.

fly fishing new zealand 4 tongariro river kamahi pool 10022017.jpg

(Below) It was a little cooler last night and I saw a few sluggish cicadas on the track. The cicadas are very temperature sensitive and slow right down when it gets cold.  Our cicadas are usually about an inch long ... and a dark olive green colour. Birds find them totally irresistable, along with cats.  Also when you mow lawns the cicadas react to the buzzing of the lawnmower or weed eater and start to dive bomb you. Pretty harmless but make you scream like a girl when they slap your face and fall down into your collar !!

fly fishing new zealand 2 tongariro river 10022017.jpg

(Below) This photo is thanks to David Hawke from Jan 2009.  Fish also find the cicadas irresistible. This one had 32 cicadas in its stomach. Anglers have said to me in the past that they only hatch every 7 years .... this is incorrect.  Cicadas hatch every year but the amount can vary depending on year to year.  Fluctuations in the numbers are determined by the type of summer that we can experience.


(Below) I found this VW beetle on the track too.  Normal green beetles (also referred to as Manuka Beetle) are quite small ... about 6mm long however this one was about 25mm.  Referred to as Mumu Chafer or similar. 

fly fishing new zealand 1 tongariro river 10022017.jpg

(Below) Whilst at the Kamahi pool I also spotted these three Blue Ducks ( or also called Whio ). They were quite content to swim close by and whistle.

fly fishing new zealand 3 tongariro river blue duck 10022017.jpg

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