Fishing and Waiting


With Jared being on holiday we have been a bit slow on the reports in the last few days but I think I have got my head around how it works now and we should be back to business as usual with the updates. All the rivers in the regions are very fishable but from my own fishing and the feedback from customers through the shop, having a game plan for your days fishing is important. Observe the waters you are fishing, look for action and look to find the fish in waters perhaps you wouldn't usually fish. Don't play the waiting game.


I spent Sunday fishing the Tongariro with Sporting Life regulars Alastair and Kelvin and we had a great day swinging streamers and hooking into fish. Olive patterns seemed to do the trick and plenty of fish striking on a fast retrieve.


We could still do with a good downfall of rain to bring more up the rivers but so far mother nature has held off.










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