Wednesday 11th May 2016


Overcast, light drizzle falling. No wind at this stage. All rivers are clear.

A little bit of delayed coverage from Monday.  The weather lent itself to a perfect day for fly fishing. Nice and warm and sunny with little wind. This type of weather is good for sight fishing. I managed to spot a few fish but they were very spooky. As I have told anglers in the past that if this is the case then try fishing the water where you can't see fish. 

The river is holding a lot of nymph life at present due to the lack of floods / rain over the last few months. I managed to catch quite a few trout.  Mostly on a green caddis and a pheasant tail.  

Most fish I picked up were quite fresh and just on the 40cm mark or older resident type fish which were of a good size but a bit darker and sometimes skinnier. 

The weather looks to be on the turn and hopefully we get some rain out of this later in the week.  It would be nice for the pressure to take a dive as well. 

Anglers have also been reporting hatches of mayflies late in the evening and I have seen the odd fish rise during the day as well. 



(Above) A fantastic Autumn day here in Turangi on Monday. A nice bit of broken/riffled water at the Island Pool.

(Below) Down below the Bain Pool with a nice bit of water. This is just like fishing in the middle of Summer !

Al .... I hooked a fish just after you and your mate left !




(Above & Below) The typical types of rainbows I have been landing nymphing recently. Just on or just under the 40cm mark.


(Below) This was a good sized rainbow that I landed on Monday. 


(Below) A skinnier older rainbow.


(Below) Quite a plump rainbow/




(Above & Below) More of the same. Al, the fish below was the one I hooked just after you left.


(Below) While out and about I also found this fly box. If this is yours contact us here at Sporting Life 

phone (07) 386 8996 or email 




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