Thursday 11th May 2017


4:30pm Heavy rain falling.

4:00pm Steady rain falling.


Overcast with light drizzle falling at times. No wind as of 10am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Wow !!! I am inundated with photos at the moment ...... don't wait until the fishing gets good because from the look of these it already is !!! Some absolute stunners of fish are in the Tongariro at the moment.


The pictures and email below are thanks to Charlie Dixon who was here on the weekend.  Charlie writes:


Hi Jared,

Just back from another great weekend in Turangi.

I had my wife down again for her second go at fly fishing. She’s really enjoying it and the casting is definitely coming along. Just need to get that first fish on the board!! Anyway, I left her in the warm bed Sunday morning and headed out first thing to a nice section on the upper river. I managed to hook 5 fish there, the first of which was only my second cast. Frustratingly, however, I managed to drop three of them. This nice Jack in the photo was particularly wound up and took me on a bit of a ride. I’d caught a brown twice the size in the same spot a few weeks prior and brought that one to the net in a third of the time.

Anyway, all the best and we’ll see you next time we’re in town!

Regards Charlie

P.s. thanks for all the help getting be kitted out with new waders that my amazing wife bought me. Glad I went that little bit extra and got the G3s. They felt amazing. She says a shouldn’t give up my day job to become a clothing model haha



charlie 1 dixon simms waders may 2017.jpg

(Below) Charlie modelling his new Simms G3 waders kindly purchased by his lovely wife.

charlie 2 dixon simms waders may 2017.jpg


dick le fort tongariro 1 pictures may 2017.jpg

(Above & Below)  This is a cracker fish landed by Dick in the Tongariro River. There have been some stunning fish in the Tongariro over the last few weeks. Dick writes:

Hi Jared

A couple more.  A mid-day fresh run hen on the nymph!


dick le fort tongariro 2 pictures may 2017.jpg

(Below) These photos are thanks to Michael.  Some nice fresh looking fish here too.  Michael likes to swing wets on his Double Handed rod.

michael1b tongariro double hand rod may 2017.jpg


michael3b tongariro double hand rod may 2017.jpg

(Below) A good solid rainbow landed by Michael.

micheal2b tongariro double hand rod may 2017.jpg

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