Monday 11th June 2018


Overcast. No wind as of 8:30am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. Bbbrrrr it is really chilly today ... roll on Summer !

Wow !  It looks like some rain is on the way for the next three or four days. You should see some good fish run with this weather.  Bring it on !!  It appears the wind is supposed to increase as well. Make the most of the wetter conditions, especially if the river gets some colour to it. Nymphing or wetlining will both be worth a burn.


tongariro river 1 bridge pool 11062018.jpg

(Above) Only one angler fishing just below the S.H.1 road bridge today at lunchtime.

(Below) Few anglers appear to be around at the moment. Some great looking water that needs to be fished with no one taking advantage of some great looking water.

tongariro river 2 bridge pool 11062018.jpg

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