Tuesday 11th August 2015


Whoa ! What a day in the shop today!!! Flat out with anglers turning up wanting jobs done! Unfortunately that has to come before the web reports. 

Most anglers are having success who have been passing through the shop.  A good mixture of wetliners and nymphers.  This year has been a good glo bug year due to the regular flooding and the fact that most of the floods have washed out a lot of the natural nymph life in comparison to the last few years where the rivers have been low and slimy and CHOKKA full of caddis and mayfly nymphs. It will be interesting to see what the Spring brings in terms of hatches if a lot of the nymph life has been blown out of the river.

The floods are a bonus to knock the trout population back and we should see the results of this in about 3 years .... hopefully keeping them in good condition.

A lot more anglers seem to be getting into wetlining again after giving it a miss for a few years.

The following picture was sent in by Seth of a couple of nice fresh looking rainbows. Seth writes:

Monday evening post homework fish...hes getting better!


 (Below) I received this photo yesterday when I had my day off. I wonder if there are wading boots made for the four legged variety?  This is thanks to Ross Edwards. Ross writes:


Hi Jared 


- snapped this guy and his mate today out on the river catching fish.  Can’t beat it.  Regards. Ross


The angler is local fishing guide Mike Hughes and his mate is "Man's Best Friend" ...


care of ross edwards.jpg

(Below) I got this shot yesterday morning on my day off .... plenty of snow ( a few anglers have commented on how cold it is).  Earlier on it was half way down the grass paddocks!!!  The only thing I caught over the weekend was someone else's flu bugs !



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