Thursday 11th August 2016


Fine and sunny with a good frost to start the day.  No wind at the start of the day. All rivers are fishable today.

We got a few emails in response to whether or not brown trout have been caught above the S.H.1 road bridge at the Hinemaiaia River.  Quite interesting reading.  See the responses below.


Charlie Dixon writes:


Hi Jared,


This is Charlie Dixon here. The English guy in the shop over the weekend….sometimes bring the old man and uncle along when they’re over visiting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come back with much of a report for you on Sunday as I had a bit of a nightmare on the river! In my defense the wind was playing havoc. I’ll be back down in about 6 weeks.


To answer your question…

I was fishing the Hine over the Anzac day long weekend and was constantly catching juvenile brown trout in the mid reaches of the river. I’m talking finger sized brown trout ferociously attacking my dry fly indicator, which was almost as big as them. So they must be in there!  






Peter Wilton writes:


Gidday Jared & Andrew, like your inquiry I have also had next to no browns from the Hinemaiaia over the last 20 years particularly fishing it as a guide. One fresh run hen from the lower river & one on a dry fly myself from the upper river above the ' Cliff Pool' area. Saw a small number of fresh run browns just upstream from the highway bridge this summer during Feb so they do run the river to spawn but I think in small numbers. It may have something to do with the available spawning water, the Hinemaiaia having 2.7 km of spawning water available to the Cliff & then maybe only another 1.5- 2km to the dam.If you talk to Didymo Dave I would think that he has next to no browns through the fish trap in July- August, I certainly haven't heard of any?
 It seems to be just one of those rivers that rainbows dominate, compared to the Waitahanui a few km away that has an impressive brownie run most seasons. Possibily a lack of spawning oppertunities for browns & chemistry of the water although like the Waitahanui both are springfed, would be interesting to see if more browns ran the Hine prior to the lower dam being built, we would poosibily have to ask Michel at DOC, Cheers Peter Wilton


Alistair Rieger writes:



Hi There

I have also fished the Hinemaiaia for in excess of 40 years and in that time have caught thousands of fish but only one of these was a brown about 3.5lbs well above the main road bridge up nearer the cliff pool. I have seen a few good sized browns in the summer months in various lies below the bridge but they are rare sightings. Having a bach in Hatepe I can say that we used to fish the stretch in the evenings about 150 meters from the mouth swinging mouse imitations across the river. I got hit but never landed a big brown here even though we new they were there.


Alistair Rieger


Stephen Driver writes:



Small one this year above winter cut off in April


So the conclusion to this it appears is that potentially if you are going to catch one it will most likely be small but very thin on numbers. Most likely encounter a bigger one in the lower reaches.


I managed to get out for a flick on the Tongariro on Tuesday.  What a cracker of a day it was. I did my usual routine of sleeping in, leisurely breakfast and then hit the water just as most anglers who got up at the crack of dawn and fished froze to death and headed for home ;-)


I got down to the river and first cast hooked a fish !  It was a juvenile.  Bugger ... oh well I thought it was going to be a great day .... well, not another touch.  I changed leader lengths, flies, weight of flies, nothing ..... the anglers who had been there since the crack of dawn and were just leaving had a nice fish each (early bird catches the worm). I noticed the river had a bit of a greeny colour to it most likely from snowmelt.  Off to another place ... same result, nothing ..... off to another place , hooked one quite quickly and it got off .... 2 casts later I hooked a coloured up jack.  I thought great ... now I am into them ... nothing ..... so off to another place.


tongariro river fly fishing 1 trout 09082016.jpg

(Above) Samuel Sardine took on the first cast. 

(Below) The yellow coloured Jack I landed. 

tongariro river fly fishing 2 trout 09082016.jpg


I got to the Red Hut carpark to find it quite full.  Went down to the bridge and looked off the Bridge and "lo and behold" there were about 6 fish right under it .... I tootled off to the sandy beach and a couple of cyclists were sitting down having a rest.  I wizzed the line off my reel, cast , had a real slow drift and bang!!!!  I hooked one on my first drift !!  About 10 minutes later I got another one. Then nothing, so went for a wander and hooked another one.  What a day !!


tongariro river fly fishing 7 trout 09082016.jpg

(Above) Looking at the Umukarikari Range from the Red Hut Bridge on Tuesday.


(Below) Playing a fish under the Red Hut Bridge.


tongariro river fly fishing 4 trout 09082016.jpg


tongariro river fly fishing 3 trout 08092016.jpg

(Above & Below) Two fish I caught in the Red Hut Pool.  Quite fat and silver and plump and fresh looking but quite small.

tongariro river fly fishing 5 trout 09082016.jpg

(Below) The last one for the day. Most fish took a white caddis with the odd glo bug in there as well. 


tongariro river fly fishing 6 trout 09082016.jpg







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