Friday 11th September 2015


12:00pm Fine and sunny but a strong gusty, cold SW wind.

A bit of a wild windy night last night but waking this morning it appears to have passed. We have an overcast day with no rain and the breeze has just started to pick up again. Speaking in weather terms, one might say we are at the "Back of the Front".

From about 10:30am yesterday it basically rained the whole day but the Tongariro is fishable this morning at about 35 cumecs. The Tauranga-Taupo level looks good to fish.

A day or two ago 001 was out fishing at the TT mouth and landed these two fish. The lake level is high at the moment but it is still worth fishing the mouths.We should still experience runs as we head into October.

I received this email this morning thanks to David Benjamin of Glenorchy informing us a little bit more of "Hare Habits". Not only are they ideal for tying flies, they make a pretty mean stew as well ... if you have never tried that, then they taste pretty similar to venison. David writes:

Hi - if you've heard the saying mad as a march hare, it relates to March in the northern hemisphere (spring) which equates to September for us in the southern hemisphere. So now is the mating season for hares etc and they lose their inhibitions accordingly so aren't as frightened by people as they usually are. Could this also explain the stray chook's motives as well?
Enjoy your site,
David Benjamin, Glenorchy.




(Above & Below) So "whatever happened to Neil?" you say. Well, he went back home to OZ to work and do a spot of fly fishing. I titled this photo

"Neil before the King of Fish ?" I wonder if he is in line for a Knighthood ?

Neil writes:

Giant Trevally, 2/0 clouser fly, 20lb tippet and my #9 Sage ONE ( I might have to change it's name from the Permit Slayer to the GT Slayer now).  The comp is strictly Catch and Release so we stuck a tag in it, gave it a cuddle and it swam away strong, estimated at about 18kg.

I trust you are all well and looking forward to some warmer weather.



(Below)  Neil says

Couldn't resist so have posted a picture of my last Tuskfish


(Below) In the past if I occasionally get a day off, the website reports get a little neglected (also if I am in the shop and busy and can't get a chance to get to the computer) and the a few people comment "Oh my God what's happened to my daily fix!". Well, you may have noticed over the last few weeks things have been changed .... and the picture below is the culprit.

This is Yvette who has some good computer skills and can get something compiled in my absence .... not only good with the computer but with her bubbly personality she should put a smile on your dial too ! 


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