Monday 11th September 2017


Overcast.  No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at about 48 cumecs. 

It sounds as though plenty of good fish were caught in the Tongariro yesterday. The snow and rain looks to have moved more fish up river to spawn.  Some really nice fresh ones reported.  A few anglers also reported losing a few fish, also starting to get reports over the last few days of anglers jumping into the river in front of other anglers causing some friction !

The best thing if you get to a pool and see someone there is to go up and acknowledge them and ask what their intentions are and if possible where would they like you to get in to fish otherwise you may get verbally abused !!

Gordon Wilson was in the shop yesterday who trialed out the demo Sage X rod and was really impressed with it.  He managed to land some really nice fresh run fish too.

gerald 1 wilson tongariro river fresh run rainbow 10092017.jpg


gerald 2 wilson tongariro river fresh run 10092017.jpg

(Below) We had another good dump of snow on Mt Pihanga overnight.

snow on pihanga 11092017.jpg


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