Wednesday 11th November 2015


What a stunning day it is today. I was expecting a bit more cloud and a lot less sun today but by the looks of it we can expect a pretty primo day today. Didn't feel any wind this morning whilst I was out this morning either. Make sure that you anglers have got your sunny gear out and using it. A sun hat is a must, if you feel that your hat needs to be put in retirement we have some nice leather hats in stock, we have sunblock and sun glasses (Polarized even). We have got it to keep you sorted!

ANYWAY fishing!!!! Apparently jigging is whats hot on the lake at moment. So if you have a boat maybe give that a go. 

We had two angler come in yesterday who were out and about in the back country finding places to go and fish for something a lil different. Was nice to here them talking to John about where to go. Where the spots they could go and where they couldn't. It sounded like quite the adventure. This morning when he came in again, sounds like he got a bit lost at one point but its all about seeing different parts of our beautiful area and finding new spots to fish in. I thought it could be a nice way to spend a few days this coming summer, finding new spots to fish, going for a drive and walk and getting to some tranquil spots!

Had some different anglers in this morning, they found that the lower part of the river was the good area to fish, with pheasant tails. So if your struggling maybe give those a try!!






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