Friday 11th November 2016


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling. No wind. The Tongariro is highly fishable and clear this morning. It's been a little busy in the shop over the last few days.  Quite a few anglers are passing through and having a go at the local rivers with a few more heading to the small lakes.

The Tongariro is full of fish at present (as predicted earlier in the year the Spring is usually the best ... weather and flood dependant ... lucky for us we haven't had any floods .... yet).  Andrew was out for the evening rise last night and said they were "rising like mad" in the Tongariro.  He tied on a fly, threw it in the water to get ready for casting and one grabbed it before he had a chance to cast !!  How easy is that ?

(Below) Andrew doing his morning report for the Sporting Life Facebook Page at about 8:00am this morning. A bit wet and soggy .... the river I mean ... not Andrew ... but as you can see the river is clear and fishable. 

Should be a great day to nymph and swing a wet fly before the evening rise. 


sporting life turangi facebook report 11112016.jpg

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