Saturday 11th November 2017


Overcast, humidish. No rain as of 9:00am. Slightly blustery wind. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

There is some good nymphing in the Tongariro at present. Seems to be plenty of caddis nymphs around.  Best try some white caddis or horn case caddis patterns. Possibly to pick up the better fish try wetlining. This type of water that you fish ( especially the stronger faster stuff) may hold the better fish.

Plenty of fish reported in the Tongariro at present. If you don't catch anything during the day then the best chance for you is at the change of light at the end of the day for the evening rise. The rise can be affected by the wind ... this may blow the insects of the water and it also makes it a little diffucult to get your cast go in the direction to where you want it to go.

The picture below is thanks to the Larsen Whanau. They have gathered here in Turangi for the last 9 years, this being the 10th to do a spot of fishing, however as the saying goes at the bottom of the Tee-Shirt "Eatin-Drinkin-Laughin-Fishin". The interesting thing is during the get together, no fish have been caught by anyone over the weekends they have fished for the last 9 years, however I would say it would be a great weekend "FISHIN !"  Fishing is more about having a great time than catching the fish sometimes. A new T-shirt design surfaces each year !


hooked up turangi 2017.jpg

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