Friday 11th December 2015


Wow! What a day it was yesterday ... screaming, howling wind and really cold.  Today is nice and hot and sunny with a slight breeze at this stage.  All rivers are fishable. 

Jens called into the shop with some more photos of another trip up to the Tauranga-Taupo river.  It just looks so nice up there!  Any volunteers want to work for me ??? Go on!  Are you sure you don't ???

(Below) Jens managed to hook this fish which he spotted.  After quite a few fly changes, all of a sudden it just decided to have a go at the fly !




(Above & Below) The picture above is from Jens the other day.  He went back a day or two later to go fishing and when he went up the track it was like the Jungle in the picture above and on his return from fishing, some magical fairies had blazed a path for him.  He was a little stunned when he saw the cut grass as a few hours earlier it looked like the picture above. He was wondering if the Pharmacist had changed his pills which may have had an adverse reaction to his vision ! Or he may have suffered a huge bout of sunstroke !


(Below) Lupins are out in full force around the area at the moment. Adds a touch of colour to the place .... wonder how the hay fever sufferers cope ?


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