Sunday 11th December 2016


Overcast with rain to start the morning but the sun has come out as of 9:30am. Slightly gusty/breezy SW. The Tongariro has come up slightly to 30.5 cumecs but is a highly fishable level.


After my report yesterday.... I think my roving reporter got the message ;-)  

I received this email this morning ....

.......ok, I will try a bit harder, just for you. Thought of going to Birch tonight but the weather is now defeating me
Getting soft

So, first excuses are blamed on technology failures .... next lot on the weather !! What next ?

However .... Jens did send in this picture overnight ! He's keeping pretty secret on location but I said that it couldn't be local because there is sunshine in the photo ... something we haven't had much of !!!

jens fishpond.jpg

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