Monday 11th December 2017


Overcast. drizzle falling at times. No wind as of 9:00. The Tongariro is highly fishable today.

There seems to be plenty of fish in the Tongariro at present, however quite a few are recovering fish but will provide plenty of sport on the dry fly in the evenings. Towards the end of last week anglers who were wetlining reported some better conditioned fresh fish. 

The jigging out on Lake Taupo continues to be fantastic. Best get out early to make the most of the fishing.

The pictures below are thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland who looks to have found his form. He said to say hello to his daughter.  Jens writes:

…….some of the pictures turned out a bit grim. I did land about 16 I think. I am ok counting to 10 , but then it gets a bit hazy unless I take my boots off!? 


yens 1 december 2017.jpg

(Above) A nice silver fish caught by Jens. 

(Below) This was quite a nice solid looking fish.

yens 8 december 2017.jpg


yens 10 december 2017.jpg

(Below) This is a really skinny Kelt / Slab / Recovering fish that must have been spawning hard out. The rod looks like it almost has more condition to it ;-)

yens 2 december 2017.jpg


yens 3 december 2017.jpg


yens 4 december 2017.jpg

(Below) You can see the Sporting Caddis in the lips of this fish landed by Jens.  The evening rise fishing is well worth doing at the moment. 

yens 5 december 2017.jpg


yens 6 december 2017.jpg


yens 7 december 2017.jpg


yens 9 december 2017.jpg

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